My Post on Calvary Chapel North Coast FB Deleted – Surprise, Surprise

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English: The Calvary Chapel Logo – the dove, representing the Holy Spirit Deutsch: Das Logo der Calvary Chapel – die Taube, Symbol für den Heiligen Geist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight, Friday, May 10, 2013, North Coast Calvary Chapel, one of the largest CC’s in San Diego, will host 3 anti-Israel speakers.  The NCCC FB wall had a post that said, “Life is full of surprises, but God is faithful.”  This was my response:

Yes, I was quite surprised to see NCCC hosting 3 anti-Israel speakers under the guise of “caring deeply about God’s heart.”  Not much different from how these same folks take over Hollywood and Academia under the guise of human rights – they just change the clothes.  Yes, that is their goal, to erode the last bastion of traditional, strong support for Israel – conservative evangelicals.  This is an important part of the Emergent’s and Purpose Driven‘s world religion plan: to replace Christian Zionism with Christian Palestinianism.  I am sure this is a key point of RW’s 3-point plan to make nice between Christians and Muslims.  Yes, God is faithful.  Gen 12:3, Psalm 129:5.  Let’s see how long it takes for this to be deleted.

Here are some posts I made on Jan Markell, of Olive Tree Ministries’, FB wall.  Thank you Jan for being willing to put your head on the block in standing up for Israel.  This is an important discussion below:

Near the summit at Masada, one can see the place where the Romans breached the defenses of the 1,000 Jewish men, women, and children who’d fled after the destruction of Jerusalem some two years earlier. It is on the western side and serves as a stark reminder that since forever, enemies of the Jews have sought to do them harm.
Calvary Chapel Breached
Masada ended badly for those Jews, and while they are not always threatened first physically, they are always threatened.
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  • Melanie Cook Wow! I am an avid watcher of Pastor JD of Calvary Chapel in Kanaohe Hawaii. I can’t imagine that Pastor JD would ever buy into this!
  • Tama Hinckley Sad, sad news…. Praying! Thank you, Jan and Jim Fletcher for the warning!!! Praying!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries Understand that most in the CC movement are pro Israel. This pro-Palestinian movement is new and has only infected a few. — Jan M
  • Jan Marie Bailey Pastor Steve Whinery does not buy into this… wolves are every place…
  • Tama Hinckley We know that most Calvary Chapels are Pro-Israel–we worship with them and went to Israel with Tri-City Calvary Chapel! Thank God that most are pro-Israel still! Just praying that this serves to warn those who are unaware that the enemy is getting into the camp–so to speak. Thank you again, Jan!
  • Melanie Cook Thanks, Jan for the heads up and for Jim Fletcher giving us the warning. I have always had a respect for Calvary Chapel churches – wish there was one near me.
  • Sharron Anglin Wolfe This is so sad. I’ve always had the utmost respect and love for the ministry of Chuck Smith. I only pray he is not in any way involved in this travesty!
  • Claire Friedman Bennett Jan, thank you for speaking up and accepting that you may face retaliation. While most CC’s are pro-Israel NOW, it is only a matter of time before this propaganda infiltrates here also. The Emergent Church, which has made major headway into CC, is hostile to Israel and I can imagine that RW’s 3-point plan to make nice with Muslims involves eroding the traditional strong support for Israel among Evangelicals. The Israel haters take their propaganda to Hollywood and Academia under the guise of “human rights,” then they change their clothes and take the same propaganda to churches under the guise of “loving Jesus.” Fletcher is right, the old guard is dying out, to be replaced by a new breed that will be swept away by the strong delusion.
  • Claire Friedman Bennett Is anyone who could get Mark Foreman at CC North Coast to take a call willing to approach him about this?
  • Terry Milford Please don’t throw away a respected and appreciated ministry of 40 years in the toilet because 1 pastor out of 2000 Calvary pastors decides to go off the reservation on a single issue, possibly even unintentionally. Someone should have done an hours worth of research to find that Calvary Chapel as a whole remains committed to Israel. Geez, this internet stuff can be so damaging sometimes. Lord help us.
  • Carol DaCosta Oh no. Maybe Chuck Smith will denounce this church or better, try to help them see their error.
  • Deedra Swan Suggestion… Here is the e-mail address of the North Coast Calvary Chapel that is hosing this. Take some action and send them an e-mail stating your comment is a PROPER way. Do something more than just voicing your frustration please. Go make a difference!! I will be sending my e-mail in a minute!
  • Terry Milford @ Claire Bennett, what proof would you present that the Emergents have made headway into Calvary?
  • Claire Friedman Bennett A number of respected ministries can provide you with info, that is, if you really want to see it: Lighthouse Trails, Roger Oakland, Apprising Ministries and The Truth Under Fire are a few. Paul Smith, Chuck Smith’s brother got fired for writing a book that outed Emergent and Contemplative Spirituality in CC. Ecumenism is also making headway; its all part of the package. Check out the bookstore offerings at the local CC’s and find out what speakers and course offerings you find. You can always just google, “Calvary Chapel Emergent,” and check out the links. I suggest that those opposed to the deceitful Palestinian love fest call CCNC and post on their FB. And I have to politely disagree with Jan that these speakers are sincere but misguided Christians. They are liberal emergent wolves in evangelical’s clothing. But as upsetting as all this is, we shouldn’t be surprised or dismayed, because scripture foretells all of this. Those of us who stand for the truth and stand with Israel will be marginalized and treated as fringe extremists. Ex. 23:2 “You shall not follow the masses in doing evil, nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after a multitude in order to pervert justice;
  • Terry Milford Your assumption about Paul Smith couldn’t be further from the truth. That speculation is the type of garbage the unaccountable, rat patrols like lighthouse put out that do nothing but undermine a true work of God. I agree that those who stand for truth are being marginalized….. by these quacks.
  • Robyn Chaya Attwell Has anyone thought to contack Chuck Smith Sr. himself about this? I’m sure he would be more than interested to hear about it. And Terry Milford, if “1 pastor out of 2000 Calvary pastors decides to go off the reservation on a single issue,” then what is to stop others from doing the same? That is the proverbial rotten apple spoiling the bushel. I suggest you do some research yourself regarding the dangerous lies being propagated by Christian Palestinianism, which is what this is all about. This is a good place to start.
  • Claire Friedman Bennett @Terry, I suggest reading “Faith Undone,” by Roger Oakland and, “A Time of Departing,” by Ray Yungen (and there are numerous other works) before you go around calling someone a rat patrol or a quack. Look at the evidence before you commence an ad hominem attack because you lack a legitimate argument, as so many do. In other words, rather than call names, you can say, “He said X and I know X is untrue because I have Y evidence.” A discernment ministry, in order to be a voice of truth in these perilous times, cannot be financially or politically beholden to any particular camp. One of the rules of “the camp,” is that you are free to throw stones at those outside your camp, but you don’t dare discern yourself or the hands that feed you. I am not a member of a CC, but I am in contact with several who are, and can tell you that there are those that seek to be true to scripture and those who are infiltrated with teachings of emergents, contemplative practices, ecumenicalism, and Purpose Driven, which is really just the face of the strong delusion, the great falling away. As mentioned, it is not difficult to discover what books are sold (and not sold) in CC bookstores, what teachers and programs are offered and what people are saying. This group; Sami Awad, Lynn Hybels and Mae Cannon, are doing a US tour through churches and Christian colleges (as Jan mentioned occurred with her alma mater) to be change agents in moving the faithful from Christian Zionism to Christian Palestinianism. While the voices of the pro-Palestinian movement are strident and aggressive on campus and other areas of public life; in Christian venues they are sweet and gentle. They claim, “love Israel, love the Palestinians, love Jesus (a different Jesus.) No, we should love the truth which is in our word. CCNC had to already have their tents pitched toward the Emergent Sodom, even to have considered this group. My belief is that after the passing of Chuck Sr., CC will fall, and government pressure will be a part of this. Ministries that have property and assets will be targeted, and many will choose mammon over God. I believe there will be a faithful remnant. Thanks for not deleting my post Jan
  • Claire Friedman Bennett Recently, the hate Israel faction spread a photo on social media that apparently depicted an IDF soldier beating up a poor Palestinian lying on the ground. But the picture was photoshopped, and what it edited out was that the poor Palestinian lying on the ground was laying on top of an Israeli solider with his hands around his throat. The Christian Palestinianism movement is the same; presenting a false picture to generate an emotional response.
  • Claire Friedman Bennett @Terry, unintentionally? Just to let you guys know, NCCC deleted my warning post from its FB wall. Surprise, surprise. What does that tell you? I suppose I am just a quack rat patrol out to undermine a true work of God. That I am Jewish should give you a clue to my bias. I would like my son to be able to finish his studies at his California University, and that my younger son have the same educational opportunities, but with the way things are now, who knows?
  • Siofu Anitero here’s a video from last night of Chuck Smith and Don Stewart (‘World News Briefing’) addressing NCCC’s choice of guests (starts after beginning of video), reaffirming position in support of Gods Truth and Israel, independence of each Calvary (incorporated and not a denomination) and latest update on current world affairs related to endtime prophecy. —-
  • Claire Friedman Bennett Siofu, thank you, I tried to get through on Pastor’s Perspective, but the lines were busy, and perhaps they wouldn’t have taken my call anyway. I will look at the video in my copious free time. But here is the rub with the “independence,” of each CC: Chuck Sr. kicked his own son out of CC for his emergent teachings, and I am sure others have been kicked out for various reasons. But turning on Israel is not sufficient reason to shun a large and popular CC franchise. My take is that CC leadership wishes this would all just go away. If Jim Fletcher hadn’t written this article, and Brannon Howse hadn’t promoted it, this would have all been swept under the table. No one affiliated with CC would have been willing to out this infestation. Oh, they could criticize the Christian Palestinianism movement, but not link it to a CC. Heads would roll if any lower food chain CC pastor dared to question one of the stars. To ally oneself with the wicked is to take on their judgement. Chose this day who you will serve.
    This is from an email from Olive Tree Ministries, regarding Jan Markell’s experience with the same wicked trio that appeared at her alma mater:
    Note from Jan: My thanks to Jim Fletcher for backing up a story I reported on last September — the Sami Awad, Lynne Hybels, World Vision “pro peace, pro Jesus” rallies that exist to denounce Israel. I attended one at my alma mater, Bethel University in St. Paul, MN last fall.

    I am a respecter of Calvary Chapel. We have several here in the Midwest. Almost without exception, they are pro Israel. Several pastors have contacted me with their dismay. It is still it disheartening to see one caving to the Awad/Hybels/World Vision Express that will further diminish evangelical support for a pretty friendless nation: Israel.

    At the event I attended at Bethel University, debate was not welcomed and truth was in short commodity. I can only assume the same will be on display at the event highlighted below.

    Learn more about Jim Fletcher at

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23 Responses to My Post on Calvary Chapel North Coast FB Deleted – Surprise, Surprise

  1. Forrest Shalom says:

    i very briefly attended a concert at a calvary chapel church: stormed out after a few minutes of witnessing the sacrilegious rock concert they were hosting. funny the pastor sounded good in the pulpit and on radio, but this hard pounding rock music was antithetical to the message. i am staunchly opposed to the rock beat for Christian worship and believe it was the neo pentecostal movement that introduced it to the Church at large. By the way what is Greg Laurie’s connection with Rick Warren: he subbed in his church and is fond of retweeting him on twitter? fs

  2. chaya1957 says:

    I understand Laurie and Warren are friendly, and there are videos of them together. Warren did the opening prayer at one of the Harvest Crusades. Just google, “Greg Laurie and Rick Warren,” and you should come up with some info. This is recent:

    • Forrest Shalom says:

      thank you very much chaya. due to his relationship with warren, laurie is now on my ‘suspect’ list. hopefully he will not turn on israel. by the way thanks for commenting on my blog(you were the first :) thanks for clarifying what the dajaal is. i have tried to delete that but can’t quite find the “edit” button for titles. shalom sister. i am now “following” you on twitter.

      • chaya1957 says:

        Thank you Forest. Laurie, Jon Coursin and a number of the “rock stars,” are pitching their tents toward the Sodom of emergent/purpose driven/ecumenical. Were you aware that Laurie sends Catholics who respond at the crusades to Catholic priests and churches for counseling and follow-up? He has priests working the crusades. This is the same practice as Billy Graham. The Emergent agenda attacks the weaker doctrines first, while continuing to undermine and mock biblical authority and demonize those who are proponents of biblical truth. Support of Israel is eroding among the younger generation, and I suppose the last bastion to fall will be the gay Christian issue. But fall they will.

      • Forrest Shalom says:

        No I wasn’t aware that Laurie was doing this! I haven’t followed the erosion of truth in charismatic circles for quite some time. i wonder how long it will take for them to go soft on islam? i was disappointed in laurie’s speech at the ndop: stated “random acts of violence” instead of calling a spade a spade.    todah rabah, fs. 

      • chaya1957 says:

        Islam, Israel, gay marriage…its all part of the same strong delusion, the great falling away. You hear the phrase, “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.” But that is not the issue. The reason they are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic is to distract from the reality that the Titanic is going to sink, and what we need to do is lower the lifeboats and rescue the few that we can. As far as erosion of truth in charismatic circles, I recently chatted with a guy in the UK, who tells me that Assembly of God pastors who refuse to get with the Purpose Driven/Emergent/Ecumenical program are excommunicated. If they attempt to resign, their request is denied so they can be kicked out. And it will happen here too, and soon, and in all the theological camps.

      • Forrest Shalom says:

        i agree the titanic is sinking. christian patriots are taking it pretty hard. 

      • chaya1957 says:

        I understand the Christian Patriots are taking it hard. I don’t know if most are willing to see the writing on the wall or they believe the Titanic is still repairable. Read Jer 17:3. Forget 2Chron 7:14 in application to the US. This promise was for Israel. Here are a couple of articles that group might like:

      • Forrest Shalom says:

        i discovered that Greg Laurie of the Calvary Chapels “received Jesus Christ into his heart” under the preaching of Lonnie Frisbee. If my memory serves me: not a good thing in light of Frisbee’s testimony of his encounter with “god” in the desert.

        from Laurie’s blog on the “About Me” page:

        ” Then a young man named Lonnie Frisbee stood up with a Bible in his hand. He was a youth Pastor with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa where the Jesus movement was in full swing. With his shoulder-length hair and beard, he almost looked the way I had seen Jesus depicted in paintings and in the movies. He opened the Bible and began to speak. Although I listened to what he said that day, I don’t remember many of his comments except for one statement: Jesus said, “You are either for Me or against Me.” What side are you on?

        That really struck me. Never before had I heard that faith in Christ was an either or deal. Jesus was just this wonderful historical figure who lived a long time ago, did a lot of good turns, and taught brotherly love. As a teenager, I thought that was cool. But for the first time, I had heard that it was actually possible to know Him in a personal way. It seemed too good to be true. I looked over at these Christians, all sitting cross-legged in a circle, and thought, undoubtedly, they are for Him. Knowing I was not one of them, it dawned on me that this must mean I was against Him.

        This impassioned preacher told the group that anyone who wanted to know Jesus in a personal way should get up and walk forward. Then he would lead in a prayer. I dropped my head and thought, if it truly is possible to know Jesus in a personal way, I would love that. Immediately, the doubts came: What if this isn’t real? What if Jesus says no to me? I just can’t do it!

        But before I knew quite what was happening, I found myself standing with a handful of other brave souls, praying with the long-haired minister to receive Jesus Christ into my heart and life. I had the distinct sensation that a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In no uncertain terms, I knew my life had changed dramatically. That was in 1970.

      • chaya1957 says:

        Thank you Forest. I am aware of that, and not sure it is much of an issue. God can use a donkey, or a sinful person like Samson or a pagan prophet like Balaam to do fulfill his purposes. Before I became a believer in college, I was involved in all sorts of “New Age,” type philosophy before it was called that. These various works by unsaved persons talked about Jesus, and even though what they said was mostly not biblically accurate, it made me think about Jesus and desire to know more about him. And I can’t say that I got everything straight right away. I was a believer perhaps 6 months or more, when the Holy Spirit spoke to me (not audibly) and told me to gather up and destroy all my occultic books. I didn’t even put them in the trash, as my dad would often question why I threw this or that out as it could be useful or sold. I took them up to a local apartment building and dumped them into the incinerator. And it probably took two years before I really understood the idea that I was a sinner who needed a savior. I could intellectually accept this, but the concept of sin was not part of my culture and upbringing. I knew that I was lost, and that I wanted the truth, wherever it would lead. My verse was, “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” Jer. 29:13.

      • Forrest Shalom says:

        i view calvary chapel as “pentecostalism light” there is too much connection with people like kathryn kuhlman, and lonnie frisbee that would make any discerning believer  take note. in my mind, i see it all wrapped up with a pretty bow of apostacy leading to an anti israel, pro islamic stance or even worse: eventual wholesale conversion to Islam. 

      • chaya1957 says:

        I’m sure Rick Warren’s “Chrislam,” will make inroads and be accepted by the deluded. But I do think you can take the “guilt by association,” too far. For example, my father and brother are 32 degree masons and both have served as grandmaster of their lodge at one time. I guess that makes me an Illuminati plant, and I am Jewish, so all the more reason I am part this Jewish/Illuminati attempt to take over the world. Conspiracy theorists can spin it any way they like. FYI, I am not a cessationist; I am a Bereanist, perhaps a Bereanista, as I am quite a proponent of this stance. You can read this article for my view: In the early years, CC’s encouraged spiritual gifts. Now, while they claim to believe in them theologically, in practice, spiritual gifts emanating from anyone other than the top brass is quashed. Spiritual gifts arising from the body can serve as a check and balance for top heavy “Moses model,” authority. That is perhaps one reason why it is discouraged or forbidden. Another is, that as CC grew from mostly high school and college students to respectable professionals and members of the community, they wanted their image to be more sophisticated and respectable, as well as maintain control. I remember when someone didn’t want to allow barefoot hippies into CC Costa Mesa because they felt bare feet would damage the carpet, and Chuck Smith replied, “Then rip out the carpet.” A number of years ago, I visited CC Costa Mesa, and was carrying an enclosed water bottle, with just a straw to sip out of. I was stopped by their security, and politely asked to leave my water bottle outside the sanctuary, to prevent any possible damage to the carpet. I replied that I would stay outside, as I need the water because I have asthma and would otherwise cough and be disruptive. The guy asked his superior, and then gave me the go ahead to take the water bottle into the sanctuary. See, the difference in attitude.


      • Forrest Shalom says:

        Chaya, The days ahead will surely be interesting! I am glad I came across your website. I have an open mind about the  sign gifts: problem is all i have witnessed have been shams or counterfeits espoused by the most ‘spirit filled” proponents.  i see quite a contradiction here.   are your brother and father still freemasons?    shalom and God bless you and your insightful ministry. 

      • chaya1957 says:

        Yes, my dad and brother are still Freemasons. My dad is in his 80’s. Its not as if they really believe the doctrines of Freemasonry; for them it is a good ole boys network that helps in getting jobs, etc., and provides a lot of social events and recreation. My brother did become a believer as a teen, after I did. Prior to my moving away from home, we discussed how Freemasonry was occultic and unbiblical. But my brother wanted to please my dad, and allowed himself to be coerced into it. My dad continually bugs me about getting my kids in DeMolay or Masons. He mentioned that he knew something that would help one of my sons with his future career and he wanted to talk to him about it. I replied that if he was going to attempt to talk my son into joining the masons, it would just make my son mad, as he thinks it is a big joke and my dad is the “grand poobah” of nothing.

        There is lots of sham among gift proponents that has led many to trash the whole thing. Rather than do that, lets look at what scripture has to say. Prove, examine everything. I believe the real gifts will be restored in these end times. We will also see demonic signs and wonders, not just fake emotional manipulation as we see today.

  3. Andrew says:

    I went…. Very sad, but this Church doesn’t represent Calvary Chapels

    • chaya1957 says:

      Andrew, what did you think? Were you allowed to ask questions or a rebuttal? Jan Markell explained that when this evil trio showed up at her alma mater, this was not allowed, of course. My concern is that sheeple believe whatever they hear, especially at their church. Who from NCCC introduced them and was there? If I showed up, I probably would be arrested, as they have my FB photo.

      • chaya1957 says:

        I listened to the broadcast yesterday of Chuck Smith and Don Stewart. They reiterated that CC supports Israel strongly. But they omitted naming Mark Foreman and North Coast Calvary Chapel, instead saying, “a CC in San Diego.” They also failed to name Sami Awad, Mae Cannon (World Vision) and Lynn Hybels (wife of Willow Creek’s Bill Hybels.) Nor did they explain what the agenda of these people, and related groups such as, “Christ at the Checkpoint,” are about and refute their falsehoods. They did damage control by claiming that CC’s are independent, and they have no control over other CC’s. Chuck Smith kicked his own son out of CC for emergent teaching, although many CC’s are infested with emergent and purpose driven theology. If a CC had a trio that supported gay marriage, just as an example, you better believe something would be done about it. But the Israel-hating wolves in, “love Jesus, love peace,” clothing get a pass. This is pretending the Titanic is not going to sink rather than raise the lifeboats.

      • Forrest Shalom says:

        they’re meeting again at a “church” called life center tacoma: RT Pro Palestinian “ministry” at Life Center Tacoma on 5/13/13 talk 5/13 at #LIVEatLC on #Israel & #Palestine:

      • chaya1957 says:

        Thank you. I found this, which is telling about how the church views this agenda: Join us Monday, May 13 for a real discussion about whats going on in Israel and Palestine. Keynote speakers will include Sami Awad, Lynne Hybels and Rev. Mae Elise Cannon. Starts at 7pm. You won’t want to miss this! #LiveatLC

        They say, “a real discussion,” as if what they propose is truth and reality. The website looks like an Emergent/Purpose Driven church, so, this is consistent. With Calvary, a supposed conservative, bible-adherent church, this was inconsistent.

        For more information please call 253-756-5300

  4. Forrest Shalom says:

    one of the main founders/catalysts of the calvary chapel movement: evangelist lonnie frisbee was queer.

    his funeral was held in the crystal cathedral with chuck smith eulogizing frisbee as a sampson like figure.

    according to wikipedia:

    Frisbee contracted AIDS and died from complications associated with the condition.[12] At his funeral at the Crystal Cathedral, Calvary Chapel’s Chuck Smith eulogized Frisbee as a Samson-like figure; that being a man through whom God did many great works, but was the victim of his own struggles and temptations.[24] Some saw this as further maligning Frisbee’s work and an inappropriate characterization at a funeral service.[5] Others, such as Frisbee friend John Ruttkay, saw the Samson analogy as spot on, and said so at his funeral.[5] Frisbee was interred in the Crystal Cathedral Memorial Gardens.[25]

    • chaya1957 says:

      I think what you are trying to say is that Lonnie Frisbee struggled with an attraction to men, and at times succumbed to those desires, and even continued in ministry while he was actively in sin. It is also reported that when he attempted to share his past or struggles with others, he was often shunned and silenced due to stigma, so he decided to keep quiet about this sensitive situation.

      As with Sampson, this in no way validates sin, but, as the gifts and call of God are irrevocable, God used this weak vessel anyway. So, I wouldn’t invalidate a ministry because of the backsliding of one of its founders. I’d be more concerned when CC leaders stonewall members who have been abused within the CC system.

      • Forrest Shalom says:

        i don’t believe lonnie frisbee was a born again believer in Jesus Christ. i wll try and find the article/video? i read/saw long ago about his testimony of an encounter with “god” in the california desert. my point is something was rotten with calvary chapel from its inception and its fruit is increasingly evident. this is not to say every pastor/attender is not a real Christian.

      • chaya1957 says:

        That’s possible. I can’t say one way or the other. This is like Samson, who repented after suffering and being brought low. And you need to look at a variety of evidence, including his teaching and opinions of those close to him. I believe this is one of those things that we cannot determine with our finite minds, that look on the outward appearance, as God looks on the heart.

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