Wolfettes in Sheep’s Clothing – Outing the Oktar Cult, Their Barbie Dolls and its Shills

English: Adnan Oktar with Versace-T-shirt in I...

English: Adnan Oktar with Versace-T-shirt in Istanbul in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Religious Leaders Meeting Adnan Oktar...

English: Religious Leaders Meeting Adnan Oktar (a.k.a. Harun Yahya) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I would expect a real journalist would want to do a balanced, investigative piece, not a puff piece on something this critical and controversial.  If the cult wants to promote themselves through Jewish Press, they should purchase advertising.

I wonder why no one thought to question any ex-cult members, or their families?  How about the thousands of court cases where Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya has threatened or sued his critics into silence?  What about the dirty tricks played on his critics:  thousands of compromising videos that ensure continuing financial support, loyalty and silence; photoshopped pictures of a prominent politician wearing a Freemason uniform (Freemasons are the target of one of his conspiracy theories) photoshopped pictures of a popular model who refused his advances, her head placed atop a nude female body; and censorship of numerous sites, including all of WordPress? I am very curious about a mention in Wikipedia of a critical manuscript written in Turkish that cannot find a publisher due to fear of lawsuits.  How do I explain the plugs of some prominent supporters, especially in the Jewish community and pro-Israel advocacy world?  I assume some people have failed to do their due diligence or are just deluded.  Think you are above this?  Think Bernie Madoff.  Some honestly are seeking an avenue for peace and will eagerly grab anything that comes their way.  Yes, Israel has had some nasty bedfellows in the past, grudgingly accepted for pragmatic reasons.  But there were no delusions as to the character or goals of their allies.  Then, some may be on the receiving end of charitable contributions from one of the Oktar cult’s front groups, or star in one of those surreptitiously taken videos.  As an aside, Oktar plagiarized and possibly Islamicized his creation “works,” mostly from Christian creationist sources, although the Muslim creation narrative is quite different from the biblical one.

Cult leaders aren’t very creative, but they exploit what has worked before; there is nothing new under the sun.  The People’s Temple (Jim Jones) infiltrated the media, police force and government in Sacramento, so much so that the Wall Street Journal had to do an expose on him because the Sacramento Bee was threatened and bullied into silence.  He’s learned to use the court system and other forms of intimidation a la Scientology.  Like the Unification Church, his young, affluent recruits turn over their assets, cut ties to their families and devote their lives to his service.  Oktar is probably most like Moon, in seeking political influence, powerful allies and respectability through his front groups and their purchase of  the respectability of mainstream individuals and institutions, in addition to the endless wealth and sexual opportunity that is par for the course.

The following list is from Edip Yuksel (links below) and I hope he will consider this fair use.

1. Adnan Oktar’s cult is a fascist organization.
2. Adnan Oktar’s cult exploits young and gullible spiritually, emotionally, personally, and financially.
3. Adnan Oktar’s cult isolates the children of wealthy people from their parents.
4. Adnan Oktar’s cult uses black-mail and bribery to frustrate those who were harmed by the cult.
5. Adnan Oktar’s cult promotes pseudoscience. For instance, it promotes false ideas about the theory of evolution.
6. Adnan Oktar’s cult promotes racism, more specifically, anti-Jewish ideas.
7. Adnan Oktar’s cult considers Adnan Oktar as the promised Mahdi (Muslim version of Messiah) and propagates silly stories fabricated in medieval times.
8. Adnan Oktar’s cult exploits the work of cult members and puts the brand name “Harun Yahya” on all the books and videos.
9. Adnan Oktar’s cult plagiarizes the work of others (including mine), and attributes them to Adnan Oktar under his pen name, Harun Yahya.
10. To appeal masses, Adnan Oktar’s cult fakes as Sunni, yet among themselves they follow the cult’s rules.
11. According to numerous reports, Adnan Oktar’s cult engages in group sex and promote anal sex with girls they consider “concubines”.
12. Adnan Oktar’s cult uses money, political connections, and backward Turkish legal system to censor the former cult members to expose the secrets of the cult.

And to those who offer veiled warnings that, “Oktar is powerful, you don’t want to cross him,”  As an overweight, post-menopausal homemaker, I’m not employed, so no one can get me fired, and if someone wants to crop my picture and photoshop it to the body of a young, sexy, naked woman – yasher koach.  More power to you!  I think I’ll start my own competing Barbie Doll cult.  It will even be pro-Israel.  I’ll call it, “Double Dees Against BDS.”

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8 Responses to Wolfettes in Sheep’s Clothing – Outing the Oktar Cult, Their Barbie Dolls and its Shills

  1. Is this narcissist a clone of the resident in the blight house?
    Albert, www

    • chaya1957 says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised :) Narcissism is a national, and perhaps worldwide epidemic anyway. I tried to view your blog and got an error. Just curious, how did you find this article so fast; I just posted it? :)


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  4. Marianne says:

    narcissism is just one more popular form of idolatry.

    • chaya1957 says:

      Yes, Marianne, that is true. I was having a discussion with some people who argued that atheists have killed more people than religious people, via various communist dictators. In this one, I side with the atheists, in that self-deification, as we saw with Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jung Un and Kim Jung Il, is not atheism according to my take. Every one of these, while claiming atheism in order to destroy competing religions, are religious systems replete with holy books, ritual and idols.

      People who refuse the easy yoke end up with a harsh one.

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